Buying a car is always exciting. Sure, most people today are going for SUVs, but some still prefer the design, driving style, size, and comfort of a sedan. If that’s you, we’re here to tell you what you should look for when you’re test-driving what could be your next sedan.

Cargo Space

The size of the cargo area is important. But in a sedan, its shape is important too. Two sedans can have the same cargo volume, but the width and height of the opening and the shape of the cargo space severely impact its usability. Test something you often carry, like a golf bag or a pair of skis, and check if it fits.

Highway Handling

If this sedan is going to be the car you use every day, on any road trips or joy rides, then you need to be sure of how it behaves on the highway. Keep the music off and drive it to your highway cruising speed. Listen for how much wind, road, and tire noise filter into the passenger cabin. Pay close attention to the power delivery, highway ride quality, and high-speed stability as well.


Clear outward visibility is vital. Check for any blind sports and view from the rear window. Sloping roof lines and thick pillars can obscure visibility, so ensure yours isn’t compromised.

Rear-Seat Space

Chances are that at some point, you’ll be riding with friends, co-workers, or family. So check out rear-seat comfort and legroom. Adjust the driver’s seat to your usual position, and sit behind it to check whether there’s enough space for anyone who may sit behind you. You don’t want to have them cramped and uncomfortable on long trips, do you?

Suspension Stress

Normally, you want to avoid potholes. But on this test drive, aim for them. Let the passenger side front and rear-wheels run through potholes or sharp bumps. Observe how the sedan behaves. Notice whether the impact is isolated to the passenger side alone or whether it unsettles the whole car. Note whether you felt the impact in the cabin or did it feel cushioned. It should also stabilize quickly and not exhibit other movements that compromise control.