Buying a used SUV is a smart way to get a better, safer car for your family without having to spend a lot of money. Now because SUVs are popular, there are a lot of used ones available. But not all have been treated well and are worth buying. Here are the things you need to keep in mind:

Undeclared Flood Damage

A lot of used SUVs have undeclared flood damage due to the terrible weather in the past few years. This damage is difficult to see and doesn’t become obvious until much later. Get the SUV inspected by a professional mechanic you hire to inspect it to ensure that everything is in good condition.

Odometer Fraud

People aren’t always honest. Some turn back their odometers before selling their SUVs. It’s illegal, but it happens because the sellers can earn more from an older vehicle. If the SUV looks old and is old but has suspiciously low mileage, it may be best not to consider it.

Maintenance Costs

Used cars save you money. But SUVs often cost a decent sum of money to maintain. Older SUVs can require parts or repairs more often than newer ones. Learn about how much certain parts, services, and overall maintenance costs before you commit. Also, look up the fuel economy of the SUV you’re considering returns. You don’t want to save money now and end up paying a lot just to keep it running.


It’s always tempting to go big when you’re buying an SUV. That way you’ll have space for everything. But, you may not need a seven-seater. So consider your needs carefully and choose the size of the SUV as per those needs. Don’t get something huge just because it’s in your budget.


During the inspection, ensure to get all the safety features checked. This means the essentials like the airbags, child locks, and seat belts to any advanced features that the SUV has. If it isn’t safe for your family, there’s no point buying it.

Unnecessary Features

Dealers may try to convince you to buy satellite navigation and cruise control. But think carefully about how much you need any extra features. If possible, don’t buy them.