For some people, an SUV is just the perfect vehicle. These would be people with large families that include children, people who need space and versatility from their cars, pet owners, people that love the great outdoors, or people who live in places that experience changing weather conditions and require an all-wheel drive. And some simply feel safer in an SUV. No matter your reason, we’re here to tell you how to make the right choice.


SUVs drive differently as compared to regular cars. Sedans have a low center of gravity and can be compact, whereas SUVs have larger proportions and high ground clearance. This makes them prone to body roll, and their handling isn’t as sharp as that of many cars. When you test drive an SUV, ensure you check for roll, ride stability, and squat or dive under strong acceleration and braking. You’ll get used to it, but make sure it’s something you’re comfortable with. Obviously, ensure there’s a balance of power and economy so that the SUV performs to your expectations.


SUVs offer drivers an elevated seating position. This makes for a commanding view of the road ahead. What you need to ensure is clear all-round visibility. Ensure that its styling and window size do not hinder your view. You should be able to spot low riding cars easily. Blind spots are inevitable, but they shouldn’t constitute a hazard.


Whether you’re buying a 2- or a 3-row SUV, ensure that you check all seats for space and comfort. Inspect the under-thigh and lumbar support to know whether the SUV will be comfortable on long drives. Ensure that climbing in and out is easy. Check the ride quality and listen to how much road noise filters inside the cabin. Examine the list of features and amenities to ensure it meets the demands of everyday life.


If you’ll be using the SUV for specific tasks, like camping or hauling cargo, ensure that it’s up to the job. Check the cargo area and whether the seats fold flat for flexibility. Bring along the items you may carry on your test drive. Check for practical storage bins in the passenger area too.