Here’s a fun fact; hatchbacks are fun cars that offer a lot of benefits. Don’t believe us? Read on and find out for yourself.


Hatchbacks are very practical. They’re also comfortable for four adults. And there’s a ton of cargo space on offer as well.

Cargo Access

With sedans, cargo access is limited, and the shape and size don’t allow for any large objects. In hatchbacks, there’s a lot of cargo space, and the rear seats can be folded down to multiply the space on offer.


Hatchbacks are the exact opposite of dull and boring. They have fresh modern styling, smart interiors, and look very appealing. Some are even used as a fashion statement.


New cars can be very expensive. You may even have to go for something used. But new hatchbacks are very affordable. They are also cheap to run and inexpensive to maintain. They’re the perfect everyday affordable car.


A hot hatch is a hatchback that has a powerful engine and sportscar level performance. Yes, they’re incredible. But at the same time, they’re affordable, have excellent fuel economy, are practical, and brilliant to drive.

City Specials

Driving on city streets can be a hassle. But if you have a hatchback, you’ll love how easy they are to drive in crowded places. They’re compact, have tight turning circles, and very maneuverable.


Parking can be a real task. SUVs are big, and you usually can’t see where your sedan ends. Add thick pillars, and you get poor visibility in the mix. Not hatchbacks. They’re easy to maneuver in parking lots and fit in small spaces that sedans and SUVs have to leave empty.

Cheaper to Insure

The bigger and more expensive your car, the more it costs to insure. And usually, even if a smaller car is cheaper, the bigger one costs more to insure. Hatchbacks, on the whole, cost less to repair and have cheaper parts. This means the repair bills after a claim will also be lower. This makes the premiums less expensive too.

Growing Families

Hatchbacks are excellent for a couple with one child. Along with a lot of cargo space, many hatchbacks have spacious rear seats too. They also have excellent safety features.