Trucks are amazing. They can offer that perfect combination of a workhorse, family car, and adventure partner. But if you’re still weighing the pros and cons of buying a new truck, our list will help you decide.


Off-roading: Trucks are built tough. With one, you’ll be able to head off the road into the unknown far more safely and easily than you could with any other car. Trucks come equipped with features like active traction control, four-wheel drive, tow hooks, rock crawling settings, terrain management, off-road tires, skid plates, and more that make them beasts off the road. Cars and even most crossovers and SUVs aren’t capable of handling such punishment.

Hauling and towing power: Pickup truck engines have a lot of power and torque on tap. They’re designed to carry heavy payloads without breaking a sweat. The enormous amount of torque truck engines generate also make it easy to tow heavy loads. Basic midsize trucks can easily tow more loads than any car. Full-size trucks can be configured to tow upwards of 35,000 pounds!

Space: No car beats a truck for its combination of passenger and cargo space. Modern trucks can accommodate five adults comfortably. Truck beds are also unique options that can handle your daily groceries, dirt bikes, or even construction equipment. And if you ever need to move, you’ll have a truck!


Fuel-efficiency: Pickups are bigger and heavier than cars. They also have bigger, more powerful engines designed for hard work. This means they prioritize power and performance over efficiency.

Size: Trucks are big. There’s no getting around how large these vehicles can be. So if you’re uncomfortable with the responsibility of a large pickup truck, then you may want to consider smaller options like an SUV or crossover.

Options: There are always more options for cars than trucks available. A lot of new safety and technological features also take a lot of time to show up on trucks. After spending so much money, you may have to compromise on features that you really wanted. But on the plus side, trucks are easy to customize. So there are a lot of options that the company will install for you to make life easy.