Finding a good deal on car rentals can be a little difficult. But it is possible. Here are some tips and tricks on how to get a good price the next time you rent a car.

Start Early

Car rental prices fluctuate, so check sites that aggregate rates long before your trip. Enter all the details, and if you see a car and price you like, book it but don’t pay upfront. Keep checking in, and if the price drops, cancel your reservation and rebook. Again just reserve the price.

Go to The Agency Site

If you find a decent rate on a third-party site, head over to the rental agency that displayed that rate. You’re likely to get a better rate if you book from them directly through their website.

Check for Discounts

Ask if the rental agency offers AAA or CAA related discounts. Check if your credit card or bank has tie-ups with rental agencies and could get you a lower rate. Check for coupons in your email after booking your flight or hotel.

Compare Daily and Weekly Rates

You’re likely to get the best rates if you rent for a week. Daily rates tend to be higher. If your dates are flexible, check the days for which charges are lower and book accordingly.

Rent at A Non-Airport Place

Airport rentals are always more expensive. If possible, and if the cab-fares are not too expensive, head to a car rental agency a few miles away. You could save a massive amount of money this way.

Pick and Drop the Car at The Same Place

Compare the rate difference that you’ll have to pay if you drop the car at a different facility and if you drop it at the same place you picked it up from. You’ll avoid extra drop-off fees if you return it to the same facility.

Avoid Rental Insurance

Your personal car insurance, bank, or credit card may already provide coverage for car rentals. Check these options out before you travel so that you can save a lot of money on rental insurance.


Don’t pay extra. Just bring your own or use Google Maps on your smartphone to navigate.